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Why choose Julie?

Let me help you to maximise the potential of your workforce?

I work with business support organisations every day to support the growth and survival of companies and am well placed to understand the latest sources of support and Government guidance available.

I am a SFEDI accredited Business Support practitioner and a member of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce. I am part of network of business support specialists with whom I collaborate on projects where this best meets the requirements of companies and individuals.


What can you achieve with this service?

Let me help you to develop a Training Needs Analysis for the whole company so you know what you've got and where your gaps are
Let me help you to develop an annual training plan and review your training provision to ensure your staff are getting the training they need
Let me support you to find the high quality training you need to grow
Let me research potential funding available to save you money and time
Let me help you to ensure that the training you have invested in is really having the impact on your business you hoped for
Let me take the pressure off you to research the myriad of business support programmes your company can benefit from to save you time, but maximise the support available
Let me support you to develop your company culture so that it fits with your values, mission and goals
Let me review your HR processes to ensure they are providing the best framework for your staffs' ongoing development
My service process

What steps are involved?

Choose a step below...

Initial free consultation

Initial 30-minute conversation to discuss what support you need and explore how I could support you.

Work could be annual tasks or ongoing project work.

This could lead on to a more detailed meeting to scope out your exact needs and a proposal would be sent to you.

Getting the job done

On acceptance of a proposal, a contract would be issued including a review process.

Meetings will focus on what needs to carried out to get the job done, by who and by when and progress will be monitored against all of the agreed actions.

Work is carried out in conjunction with the Management Team.

What to expect

Meetings typically take place monthly for 1.5 hours on site or on line.

The duration of contracts is variable, but they are often over a period of months, whilst embedding new systems.

A meeting note summarising agreed actions will be sent out after every meeting.

Follow up

Every meeting will start with a review of what has been moved forward and what is still left to do.

We will also look at any new issues that have come up that we need to focus on.

What my clients have to say

What my workforce development clients say about me:


Let me help you to develop your workforce today

Take the first steps to developing your workforce by getting in touch with Julie. You can contact Julie directly via 07513 322 020 or alternative click the link below for further options.

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