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Through an unbiased lens, Julie helped me to realise what I needed to do to focus on strategic matters that always seemed to lose priority when operational matters took over. She  helped me  formulate a plan, broken down into bite-sized action points, so that I could move forward.

I would describe Julie as being intuitive, responsible, caring, and logical.  Julie has a natural ability at putting you at ease and is someone you feel you can absolutely confide in. Julie helped to translate sometimes confusing thoughts into logical perspectives that I could then move forward in a meaningful direction.

Julie is someone who I would describe as thought-provoking…. I certainly experienced a few ‘light bulb’ moments throughout our coaching sessions which enabled me to move forward positively. Her follow-through is excellent, and her positive encouragement has empowered me to achieve.

I feel the coaching sessions have not only benefited me but have also benefited my Company. I am working more effectively, and I am feeling energised more than ever in helping my Company with their continued business growth and success! Julie is a fantastic coach, and I would not hesitate in recommending her or using her coaching services again!

Lisa S. Gill
Human Resources Manager
Banner Jones Solicitors
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