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Rest, Recharge & Reset ready for Summer!

Join us for a unique and exclusive retreat experience in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Relax in the beautiful natural surroundings of a working farm balancing an introduction to gut health and practical cookery sessions with mindful movement, breathwork, river side walks and fireside rituals.

You’ll also have time to reflect on 2024, exploring your goals and intentions for the rest of the year and turning these creatively into a beautiful vision board.

We keep our retreats small to create a special and safe experience (6-10 people).

 “I had never attended a retreat weekend however from the moment I crossed the threshold, any apprehension melted with the warm and wonderful welcome received. ” 

The retreat

What to expect

  • Two nights’ accommodation in your own room
  • Delicious award-winning evening meal at The Duncombe Arms
  • Gut healthy home cooked seasonal breakfasts, lunches, evening meals and snacks
  • Breath, movement and sleep care sessions
  • Introduction to gut health and hands on baking bread and fermenting workshops
  • Time to reflect and guided goal setting and creative vision board sessions

Where is it?

Dove Farm

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Do these apply to you? If so, this retreat is a must have for you!
Do you struggle with sleep and regularly wake up feeling tired?
Do you have low levels of energy?
Would you like to know how breath work can help you relax, sleep and have more energy?
Do you suffer with irritable bowel syndrome/disorder?
Are you often bloated but don’t know why?
Have you heard about gut health, but don’t know how it could help you?
Do you work from home and find it hard to switch off?
Are you juggling all the time and find your needs are often at the bottom of the list?
Are you unclear where your life is going and stuff just happens?

Your Take Aways!

Beautiful reflection journal
Simple Gut Health Guide and delicious recipes
New sleep care routine with recommended apps
Clear plan of action for 2024 and a vision board
Know how to ferment kimchi and sauerkraut
Food diary template
Know how to bake your own home made bread
30 day challenge template
Complimentary 1 hour follow up individual coaching session
3 month post retreat check-in
The retreat team

Meet your Guides

Cara Wheatley-McGrain

Gut Health Expert and Somatic Coach

I founded The Mindful Gut to share my passion for gut health. As a Hay House author of ‘Calm Your Gut’ and an accredited coach my work integrates self-compassion in holistic healing. My approach draws on my lived experience of living with anxiety and a chronic gut condition towards well-being and inner transformation. Working with Julie is the perfect synergy of holistic and practical skills for your life and work!

Julie Mather

Business Growth Coach

As a coach I work with businesses, but my work focuses on the whole person supporting people to be truly effective and enabling them to achieve their goals and intentions at work and personally. The absolute joy of my collaboration with Cara is that we take this a step further and include gut health and self-care, which are so important to how we all feel and our energy levels. Together we create a compelling partnership that balances creative practices for both and welcome all individuals.

What our clients have to say
Retreat dates

Our upcoming retreats

Early Summer Rest, Recharge and Reset weekend retreat

From: Friday 10am - 28th June

To: Sunday 12 noon - 30th June

Early Bird price (Pay by 7th April):


Standard price:


Autumn Soothe and Self-care weekend retreat

From: Friday 10am - 13th Sept

To: Sunday 12 noon - 15th Sept

Early Bird price (Pay by 7th April):


Standard price:

Additional information

Julie Mather Associates and The Mindful Gut have developed a unique retreat experience and as small businesses we need to set out our expectations of our retreat guests and of course outline how we will contractually meet your expectations of us. Before you commit to joining us, we ask you to read the following conditions carefully before completing the booking form or booking your space on our website/s. If you have any queries regarding any of the following points please do not hesitate to contact us at; or

1. Definitions
“Client” “you” is the person who receives the services. “Event” is our retreat. “Fees” are the price for the delivery of the services and the client’s attendance at the Event. “Services” are the services to be delivered before, at the Event and post event as set out in our promotional emails and outlined through our websites or other social media channels. “Host Providers” “we” are Julie Mather Associates and The Mindful Gut. Our registered addresses are. Julie Mather 2 St Brides Farm, Stanton by Bridge, Derbyshire DE73 7NF Cara Wheatley-McGrain 149-153 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8JP

2. Price and payment
2.1 The price for the Services is set out in our promotional emails and on our websites. There is no VAT.
2.2 The price and any agreed expenses shall be the Fees of the Host Providers and payment of 100% of the Fees is due in line with the terms stated on our websites and booking form which allow for instalment payments along with a full payment option, following payment of a non-returnable deposit.
2.3 Where split payment options are available, each instalment must be paid on time, and failure to pay any instalment of the Fees on time may result in the Host Providers cancelling or amending the Services, in their sole discretion.

3. Refund and Cancellation of agreement
3.1 The fees are non-refundable except for:
3.1.1 Where we cancel a Retreat, you are entitled to a refund for any payments you have made in advance.
3.1.2 In the unlikely event of the Host Provider having to reschedule the Services, alternative dates will be offered.
3.1.3 In the eventuality of you cancelling your attendance, other than in the statutory cooling off period outlined below, we must uphold our commitments to our ownsuppliers, so unfortunately, we are not able to make any exceptions to the no-refund policy, not even for personal emergencies. We therefore advise our guests to take out travel insurance to protect yourself against illness, emergencies, and changes in your circumstances.
3.2 In the event you are unable to attend the Retreat:You may transfer your Retreat place to a friend, subject to our prior approval of your replacement.
3.3 There is no refund for leaving the Retreat early or arriving after the scheduled start time. There is no partial reimbursement if you choose to opt out of any part of the programme.

4. Cooling off period
4.1 In line with statutory online booking practice we abide by the 14-day cooling period from the date we receive bookings.

5. General Conditions:
5.1 Each party will keep the confidential information of the other party and any third party confidential and secret, and only use it for the purposes of supplying the Services or making proper use of the Services. Each party recognises and accepts its obligations about the control and the processing of personal data under the current data protection.
5.2 The Client grants to the Host Providers consent to use photographs and videos of the Services as part of its promotional activities. If you do not wish to grant this consent, you must confirm prior to entering this agreement.
5.3 Following the conclusion of the Services the Host Providers may wish to contact you to request testimonials, recommendations, or feedback on the services. By agreeing these terms, you are consenting to that contact by the Host Provider after the conclusion of the Services.
5.4 The retreats will include some low impact walking and some gentle breathwork, baking, fermenting demo and practice and food provided in line with any allergies or intolerances that you have shared with the retreat organisers. One to one nutritional or medical advice is not included as part of the retreat. If these activities will cause you any difficulties, we request that you seek medical clearance and agree that you will undertake them at your own risk.

Following the retreat, we will send you a series of Gut Healthy and Inspiring resources including:

  • Favourite retreat tracks

  • Gut healthy recipes

  • Book/podcast recommendations

  • Sound file of guided breathwork practice

3 months post retreat we will arrange a group follow up Zoom meeting with all our retreat guests to find out how you are all getting on and to see what additional support is needed.

Get in touch with Julie today on (+44)7513 322 020 or

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