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“Ever greeted Monday morning with a recharged smile? I did, after attending the New Year Restorative and Renewing weekend retreat as tastefully organised and hosted by Julie Mather and Cara Wheately-McGrain. I had never attended...”... read more

Martha Penny
HR Manager | Penny Hydraulics

“The retreat has been the perfect way to start a new year.  I learnt so much about gut health and wellness and I feel much more prepared and ready to actualize my goals for 2024. ...”... read more

Yeshe Sender

“Loved it all! Vision boards - loved the playful and collaborative aspect of creating and found the sharing very moving. Gut health information was fabulous and enjoyable.  Exploring 2023/4 goals very powerful and thought provoking. ...”... read more

Jayne Sutton

“A fantastic way to start the New Year, achievable, affordable and sustainable advice was given. All of which, I am happy to share I have woven seamlessly into my daily routine. I feel so much...”... read more

Emma Bond

“A wonderful 3-day retreat, a gift for the start of 2024 and my upcoming birthday celebrations with both the amazing Cara Wheatley-McGrain of The Mindful Gut and Julie Mather in the peaceful surroundings of Dove...”... read more

Andrea Harvey

“What a wonderful retreat, truly memorable and a great way to start 2024! Thank you Cara Wheatley-McGrain (ACC) and Julie Mather for guiding us so expertly through gut health and personal goals in such a...”... read more

Michelle Taylor

“The retreat came at the perfect time for me to plan for the year ahead and make sure that my work life balance is in a good place. As a small business owner, having the...”... read more

Di Tunney

“Julie was my Business Coach over a difficult period for the company and myself. We were coming out of the pandemic and I had been in post as Managing Director for about a year. I...”... read more

Anita Hine
Managing Director | Hine Labels

“Through an unbiased lens, Julie helped me to realise what I needed to do to focus on strategic matters that always seemed to lose priority when operational matters took over. She  helped me  formulate a...”... read more

Lisa S. Gill
Human Resources Manager | Banner Jones Solicitors

“Julie is intuitive, a great listener and very pragmatic. She offers a view of the situation and encouraged me to explore all of the options available which enabled me to come up with my own...”... read more

Katie Ash
Director and Head of Employment Law | Banner Jones Solicitors

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