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Ever greeted Monday morning with a recharged smile? I did, after attending the New Year Restorative and Renewing weekend retreat as tastefully organised and hosted by Julie Mather and Cara Wheately-McGrain.

I had never attended a retreat weekend however from the moment I crossed the threshold, any apprehension melted with the warm and wonderful welcome received.

  • A thoughtfully-structured yet relaxing weekend, I cannot begin to recount it all however here are my valuable take aways:
  • I enjoyed a mindful weekend with nine, unique and inspirational people, all with whom, I felt very much at ease. I would happily meet with each of them again.
  • I was in a setting where there was no judgement and just be my true, self.
  • I started my learning journey into gut health; awareness of this marvellous entity that is often taken for granted and its connection to my mental and physical health.
  • I enjoyed a weekend of delicious and fulfilling vegetarian and gluten free meals – some of which we made ourselves; the recipes for which I was very pleased to receive and have made since.
  • I was introduced to the marvel of meditation and deep breathing
  • Through skilful coaching, I had the time to reflect on 2023 and plan my direction and goals for 2024; they are important to me.
  • I am now more contented with my 50 year-old self.
  • And most importantly, I now try to pause, each day to breathe and enjoy the present.

I look forward to attending again and would thoroughly recommend this restorative weekend to anyone; a beautifully curated setting to pause, recharge and realign.

My grateful thanks to Julie and Cara.

Martha Penny
HR Manager
Penny Hydraulics
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