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We’re all busy people at home and at work; we try to do our best (some days better than others) and we work hard, to stay on top of our game.
When we need a ‘boost’ – and for self preservation – we never hesitate to invest in ourselves, perhaps starting a gym membership; buying a new outfit; regular visits to the hair-dresser or beautician; treats with family and friends. This is all good and it works.

However, how about our professional well being and development through coaching? Should we invest in this? Ourselves?
My unequivocal answer is yes!
I know because I’ve done it; I’ve benefitted from it and I hope to continue doing so.

I was fortunate to have caught up Julie Mather in 2020; I had become very despondent with my work role and my employer; the fact that we were all in lock-down and I was working from home made that worse.

Julie subtly guided me towards joining an online Peer Network for women in business and I have never looked back! Underpinned by Julie’s professional coaching, I am now on a path that I have created myself.

  • Has been daunting – yes!
  • Have I had to step out of my comfort zone – yes!
  • Have I had to face new challenges – yes!
  • Have I set relevant objectives but with little idea of where to begin – yes!

This is all ongoing however Julie’s experience and skilful and tactful approach to coaching has guided me; helping me lay my building blocks and milestones to developing my role and its place within the company that I work.
Professional coaching gives me that ‘boost’ and confidence both in my working role – and personally.

This is why I wholeheartedly recommend in investing in your professional self and doing so with Julie Mather’s coaching.

Martha Penny
HR Manager
Penny Hydraulics Ltd
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