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The benefits of having professional coaching were realised at my first session with Julie Mather. After years of feeling lost and undecided within my career and at my place of work, I was subtly guided towards finding my own niche.  An exciting revelation, it involved creating a new role, understanding how it could benefit my workplace and selling it to senior management.  Discussion with and guidance from Julie underpinned my first step with the confidence I needed.  The process was broken down into stages such as: what was my proposal and how and to whom would I communicate it.  Julie helped me step away from the personal effect, to maintain a professional stance in promoting an organisational change.  At her suggestion and recommendation, I started a professional course to give my new role (and me) credibility, a fantastic course with some hard work, but undoubtedly the right path.  Each coaching session with Julie involved review and planning the way ahead.  She encouraged me to progress in forging my own path, guiding me with each step, Listening, advising but never judging.  I am now in a position continue onwards in my new role and whilst sometimes daunting, Julie has helped me create the foundation which means that I’m also excited and look forward to the challenges ahead.  I would certainly recommend Julie Mather’s coaching style and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Martha Penny
HR Manager
Penny Hydraulics Ltd
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