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Julie has been working with our company for the last year and in that time has made a real difference to the way we manage the training of our staff.  We have undertaken a training needs analysis which led to range of training being undertaken and she supported us to obtain grant funding to offset the costs, which helped our bottom line and of course, our most important asset, our staff.

She has worked with our Management Team on rolling out a performance review process across the organisation which will help to build a better link between individual performance and company key performance indicators, which will help give clarity across the board.

Alongside this Julie has worked with me as a business coach and we worked on my goal of improving my time management in a sustainable way with great success.

I find Julie very approachable, patient and supportive and she always professional in the way she works.

What I also find helpful, is the way that Julie is always on the lookout for information that will help our business grow in terms of webinars, articles, points of contact and sources of funding, this has been invaluable for a busy company.

Carl Singleton
Operations Director
Graphoidal Developments
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