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Julie worked as our freelance Training Manager, she brought a level of control and understanding to the management of training within our business that had never existed before, as Managing Director this gave  me great peace of mind.

For the first time in 32 years of trading we now have a clear picture of the current training profile of our staff, we understand what we need to do in the  next 12 months in order to achieve our training plan and more importantly what budget we will need for this.

We also have a list of suppliers and value for money quotes to use a benchmark in the future.

She also ensured our apprentices were on track to achieve their apprenticeships and progress to the next level and liaised with training providers on our behalf, which was a massive help.

Julie’s experience and knowledge in the field of training along with her tenacious nature has been a great asset to our business.

Martin Rigley MBE
Managing Director
Lindhurst Engineering Ltd (Recognised in The Manufacturer Top 100 list for 2020)
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