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Julie has been working with our company over the last 3 years and has carried out annual apprenticeship recruitment campaigns that have led to the appointment of a couple of very calibre young engineers, who are already proving to be a real asset to our company.

Julie managed our last campaign, her meticulous planning and thorough approach ensured that we were successful in employing another apprentice engineer.

Julie also manages our relationship with the training provider on an ongoing basis, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on behalf of the apprentice and the business as a whole.

Julie’s attention to detail, high levels of accuracy and professionalism has helped to ensure that our targets are successfully accomplished on a recurring basis.

We genuinely regard Julie as part of our team and we know that she is also always looking out for schemes and opportunities that can help us continue to develop our team further and as a business on the whole.

Chris Haynes
Production Engineering Manager
Asmech Systems Ltd
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